Tracie began making ceramics in 2003, while studying for an MA in Art Therapy at Hertfordshire University.

There is no doubt that clay is a wonderful medium for self-expression and absorbing feeling.  It can withstand robust work and be available for the most fragile of sentiments.’

The course at Hertfordshire liberated Tracie to work in any media and the technicians were on hand to help her realise her ambitions.

Tracie  also developed her clay work through collaborative projects with Carol Foster in Whitstable, workshops at The Clay Space, Margate and at Creek Creative with Imogen Noble. Tracie’s versatile design skills are transferred to decorating and handbuilding clay. She has exhibited clay pieces alongside her painting. Tracie uses clay therapeutically in workshops with adults in Pandora’s Other Box and  extensively with children in Art Therapy sessions.

In Greece she teaches basic clay work through her Vatoussa Art School in Lesbos and works collaboratively with local potter Stelios Stamatis to have the pieces fired.

To check out Tracie’s on going love of ceramics  and see her sources of inspiration follow her instagram feed.

Pieces in this collection