Peisley’s work is intense, highly charged with an emotional content that relates to the everyday drama of existing.

An experienced British Artist, she qualified with a BA(hons) in Fine Art at Bath Academy 1988, MA at City Of Birmingham Polytechnic 1989 and MA in Art Psychotherapy in 2006 at Hertfordshire University.

Following a rigorous training in drawing and a lively discourse at Bath Academy, she positions herself alongside contemporary Women Artists, exploring themes of intimacy, storytelling, identity, vulnerability and shame. What it is to be human…passionate, poetic and wanting to attach to others Peisley pulls the viewer into personal dialogue. Through imagery and form her work cuts to a symbolic resonance that hits the back of the psyche to cause a sometimes awkward acknowledgement about oneself. Through a relentless process of stripping artifice from her own ordinary reality, she feels that she captures emotion that couldn’t be constellated in anyway but poetry or art. A woman wanting to make sense of the existential loneliness we find ourselves in, wanting to make sincere relational connections and speak compassionately from lived experience.

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Sensual Objects

Beautiful sensual ceramic objects that combine the influence of oriental erotic art with the artists personal narrative. There is a conscious assertion in the work as a women artist and

Paintings from the Unconscious

Peisley’s paintings invite the viewer to engage with the dialogue she has between her memory of self and others. There is an abstracted sense of self here which she is

Painting From Life

I studied with Arthur Niel at Maidstone College of Art receiving a thorough induction in drawing and painting from life. It was taught with all the intensity and diligence that

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Peisley Memoir

I have been invited to talk to students at the Royal Drawing School by Dr Sarah Lightman June 2024 on the  Zine course that I previously attended. I felt my

My door is open

Artist Residency – The Show Off Gallery, Whitstable 6th – 19th April I have a last minute opportunity to take up residency in the Show Off Gallery in Whitstable and

Peisley Memoir

I have received therapeutic support since I was 18 from experiences and study I believe I have a broad understanding of the influence trauma has on my creative practice. I